Should Christians Engage Culture? That was our topic for week #2 of the Q series & based on the reaction, it was something many people enjoyed hearing, thinking and discussing.

Perception isn’t always reality. I believe Jesus engaged His culture & I believe He wants those who claim to follow Him to do the same. My perceptions was that my view on this topic would elicit some negative reactions but in reality, I think many of our people found the topic refreshing and thought provoking. I like it when I’m wrong about stuff like that.

The band is one a whole notha level right now! Watching these guys grow & mature as a band & watching our Arts Coordinator, Josh Strange, lead that process has been incredible to watch! Week after week they are leading us into the presence of God with humility & authenticity & taking all of us to new heights.

Jesus made the wine. I knew it was going to happen during this series and I was correct. Can Christians drink alcohol? Thankfully, we have a church full of people who don’t major in minors so the question took a little longer to come up than I thought it would. As for my exact answer…listen to the Podcast 🙂

Sometimes, we must admit it didn’t work & move on. We frequently try new things out at CP. Sometimes they work & sometimes they don’t. When they don’t work we usually recognize it, admit it & move on. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve tried something that I’m pretty sure isn’t working like we thought it would. Time to move on.

I’ve finally stopped wondering on Saturday night if anybody will show up on Sunday morning. It used to be a real fear of mine but over time that fear has faded. Sunday, we had numerous regulars out due to Mothers Day & we still had a nice crowd. Lately, my mindset has shifted from wondering if we will ever fill all the seats to when we will fill all the seats.


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