We closed out the Q series yesterday by saving the hardest questions for last: Why do good people suffer? It was one of the most profound services we’ve ever had at Centerpoint & my mind is still buzzing from all God did yesterday in the lives & hearts of those who attended.

We WON’T know all the answers but we DO know the solution. This was the basic conclusion for an entire series built around questions. It’s important for us to ask questions & work through our faith but at the end of the day we must also recognize that we will never know it all. If we could we’d be God & oh how often we need reminded that we are not.

When you ask God’s Spirit to guide you, get ready to have your world rocked! I knew God wanted to heal a lot of people yesterday & I knew all week long that I was going to have to be willing to follow His lead which would require changing up my plans. Saturday night, I threw out half of my outline, chatted with our team & planned a more lengthy response time. It was totally God & I’m thankful I listened.

Sometimes people just need a smile & a hug. I had a friend tell me a few weeks ago that he participated in a church survey in our area with about 700 participants. When they asked people what they most wanted from someone else in their life the most popular answer was a hug. People are broken & they can hear about Jesus all their life but they will see and feel His love through those of us who claim to follow Him & the actions we demonstrate. Sometimes that action just needs to be a smile & a hug.

Watching people grow in their faith will never get old! This weekend I was reminded just how far some of our people have come in the last year & it challenged me to dig even deeper in my own walk with Christ. Life change isn’t a one time affair, it’s an ongoing journey & I’m privileged to pastor a group of people who have decided to travel on that journey together & love people who have yet to see & hear.

Without a flexible team, this day & this series doesn’t happen. I really pushed the limits of our team during this series. Every week was a little different & it seemed like every week saw a major last minute change. Through it all I heard NO complaints, NO grumbling & NO excuses. To quote to twitter words of our Executive Pastor Matt Kysor, this is one of the many reasons, “Our Dream Team can kick your Dream Team’s butt!”



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