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I am on vacation with my lovely wife & family so I wasn’t at CP last Sunday to do a recap. I asked CP’s Executive Pastor, Matt Kysor, to do a guest recap for me on my blog. It seems to have been an eventful Sunday & after hearing some of the reactions, I couldn’t be more proud of our team for working through a tough technical glitch & making it all happen! Without further adue, here are Matt’s thoughts.

  • Sometimes God has other plans… Today we experienced technical difficulties that caused us to totally change the format of the service. Due to our sound board going out, we had to go without music. If you have visited Centerpoint, you know how much emphasis we place on music & worship, and today, we had to go on without that. But someone told me after the service, “Sometimes God doesn’t want us to have all the fashionable stuff, he just wants to use us and speak to us.”
  • Dream Team is growing… Two new ppl stepped up big time in terms of setup. Not only did they keep a great attitude but when our technical issues went down, they rolled with it as well.
  • Dream Team keeps us going… Tell the Worship Leader & the Creative Coordinator that we’d have those issues and they’d likely leave and take the day off. Not at Centerpoint, our guys kept the attitude light, realized God had other plans and believed the Holy Spirit would still speak. Also I walked out after about 5 minutes following the service after chatting and nearly everything was torn down & put back in place. A group of ppl, some on the schedule, others not, took the time to help tear-down. People love to serve.
  • Always good to see returning faces… I am the first one to read the communication cards, so it’s easier for me to remember names with faces. So when we saw 2-3 returning faces who have come to Centerpoint 2-3 times the last month or so, it’s always an honor to see them again.
  • When regulars bring their parents… Regular CPers brought their parents who were visiting from out of town. This is AWESOME. It tells us that those ppl are proud to call Centerpoint home and we’re glad to have them.

It’s an honor to serve as the Executive Pastor at Centerpoint. I told our folks today that I really loved them and it’s not just empty words. I looked across the room today and realized that I have real relationships with nearly everyone in the room, and we had about 40 ppl there. It’s all about relationships and having genuine care about ppl that really brings momentum to a church. You can have all the nicest singers and speakers, but if you don’t feel true love, then it’s empty and won’t last.