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Week #2 of He Said. She Said. & my wife got to teach!

  • My wife continually amazes me! I have NEVER met a person more well rounded than my wife. She’s an incredible person, wife, mother, daughter, friend & now speaker! Kristyn talked to all the ladies Sunday & it was remarkably well rounded & relatable to say the least. As she noted Sunday, the last group she spoke to was a group of 1st graders but you sure couldn’t tell it.
  • We had a near full house. We were at about 80% capacity on Sunday morning & that continued a good trend we started back in January. We’ve had a ton of momentum so far this year & I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Big things in store for the future which will likely include a move to one of the bigger theaters at Danbarry.
  • Excellence will ALWAYS matter. NEVER will ANYONE on our team have to apologize for pursuing excellence! I’ve been reminded lately of how much our team goes out of their way to create excellence in everything they do & I wouldn’t trade that for the world. When we do things well, people notice & when people notice, it can open doors for them to connect with Jesus. I believe that because I have seen that.
  • God knows & we don’t. We think we know what to expect, we think we know what we need, we think we know God & then we’re reminded that he’s knows & we don’t. Had a pretty cool unexpected blessing on Sunday & it was a great reminder that God knows & we don’t.
  • Relationships always connect. This series is reminding me that you can’t go wrong when you chose to talk about relationships. It’s something we all relate to, all want advice on & it’s something the Bible talks a lot about!


God is always working. This series has been a reminder to me that God is always working. He might not show up like we expect but He is working. He might do what we had hoped but He is working. He might not follow our timeline but He is working. God is always working.

Kidspoint be jamming! We officially welcomed our new Kidspoint Coordinator (Crystal Webb) on Sunday & I couldn’t be more excited about the future of KP! Crystal’s passion is contagious & there are big things in store for the kids of Centerpoint.

The prettiest handwriting award goes to…Our fearless worship leader Joshua David Strange! Call it sexist but everyone knows girls generally have the prettiest handwriting. There were no girls around Sunday, we needed someone to write & Josh stepped up to the plate & surprised us all. Sorry Josh.

I love the way we do communion. We found a format early on at CP & it’s one of the few things we just haven’t tweaked much. It’s a time of intimacy, connection & reflection & I love that I still get to serve everyone.

Excellence NEVER stops. Plan B has been an absolutely amazing series! God has done some amazing stuff & creatively, the series was on a whole other level! I was reminded Sunday that true excellence never takes a week or series off. We started the year off with a bang & we won’t be slowing down anytime soon.



It was the 3rd week of our Plan B series & what a week it was! My thoughts are as follows.

The best month of our history? We’ve got 1-week left but I feel it’s already safe to say that January 2011 has been the best month in our history! Every week, we’ve broken the attendance record set the week before, we’ve got more people serving on our Dream Team than ever & this series has been one of the best we’ve ever done. January will be hard to top, but God can make sure that happens.

I love watching/listening to people worship. Although I most often sit in the front I will frequently, sometimes awkwardly, glance around to scan the crowd. Watching people worship is always an incredible experience to me & yesterday was no exception as I saw & heard people worship with all their hearts!

Growth starts with relationships. I was reminded yesterday how important relationships are to spiritual growth. We’ve seen so many guarded people come into our doors & it’s never just a service, song or alter call that changes their life. It’s authentic relationships, with other people struggling on the journey of life & faith together that makes the difference. May we always show we care.

Kidspoint is growing. We’re adding a bunch of kids these days at CP & thankfully, we’re adding a bunch of new Dream Teamers as well. The atmosphere in KP is so amazing & it’s so awesome to see kids excited to go to class week after week.

Can’t wait for next week! I could always say & mean this but next week will be extra special as we close out Plan B & close the chapter on an amazing month at CP! God is doing some awesome stuff!




Week #2 of Plan B was absolutely incredible in so many ways!

Worship was on a whole notha level! Our band is always good but this week was something extra ordinary. People all over the building were surrendering to God & singing their  hearts out to Him. It was awesome to see & experience. God works through music & I’m thankful we’ve got such a great group of people who lead us every week.

Another BIG crowd. We’ve been setting attendance records in every area since January & it’s been easy for everyone to see. Not only are we getting a lot of new faces but we have more first time guests returning than ever before. It’s going to be a big year at CP.

Our Dream Team is the best! I’m always blown away by the commitment & dedication of our Dream Team to go above & beyond. It hit me Sunday how blessed we are to have a church that truly serves the people around them.

I was a preacher not a teacher. I normally consider myself more of a teacher than a preacher but  on Sunday, I was all jacked up! I could sense God wanted to do some huge things so I just went with it. If I would have had a hanky, I would have used it 🙂

Different is Good. I’ve probably said this on here before but this week was another example. Although we incorporate many of the same elements at CP every week, we regularly mix-up the order of things for one reason or another. Sunday, we started with teaching (or preaching this week) & ended with the worship. It was a nice change of pace that fit the topic perfectly.

A Day of WINS

We started off the New Year with a bang at Centerpoint on Sunday by showing a short film called WINS, which was created by our very own Johnny Ropple. The video featured the personal stories of WINS from people in our community. Each person shared a moment, or moments, from the past year at Centerpoint that impacted their life in a profound, life-changing way. It was easily one of the most powerful things we’ve EVER done at CP & it was an amazing way to begin 2011!

Sharing WINS is probably one of the areas we’ve grown in the most since we started. When you lead a church it’s very easy to forget that everyone doesn’t know what you know. Early in our brief history we simply didn’t share the WINS enough & we didn’t give people the platform, our opportunity to share their stories.

Flash forward a year or so & things look a lot differently now. We try to find both natural & systematic ways to celebrate WINS at Centerpoint because we believe it’s so important to remember what this church thing is all about & that’s life change. When life change happens, we must praise it, celebrate it & share it. The WINS video was a creative way to do all three of these things at once & I think it helped set the tone for what I believe will be an amazing 2011!


P.S. The WINS film will be posted online soon & when it is, I will make sure to share the link with you.

Christmas Weekend RECAP

It was a busy weekend in the wide, wonderful world of Centerpoint. In case you missed the fun, here’s a quick rundown.

  • I’m REALLY glad we did a Christmas Eve Service. We had a full house, families worshipped together, people who aren’t normally in church attended & everyone seemed to leave with a smile on their face. This was the first of many Christmas Eve Service’s to come at CP.
  • Getting out of one’s element can be a good thing. In case you didn’t know, we’re not a traditional church. We like the lights dim, the music loud & prefer graphic tee’s to a shirt & tie. Although we still kept a unique CP feel to the Christmas Eve Service, the setting alone pushed us a bit but I believe it was good for us to do something slightly out of the ordinary because I believe it helped us grow.
  • Family services are the best! If we let kids of all ages in the service every week at CP, we probably wouldn’t get much accomplished but doing it every now & then is a true joy! Despite the short attention spans, kids just light up a room & make everyone smile. Glad we decided to make the Christmas Eve Service a family experience & our Kidspoint crew made each kid feel a part of everything we did. Mad props.
  • Every-thing is a Learning-thing. I’m so thankful we have a team at CP who believes we can learn from everything we do. The Christmas Eve Service was a complete success & yet I heard almost every person on our team discussing how we could make it better next year. Leaders are learners & we have both at CP!
  • Church on Sunday was a bad idea. Success & failure are both a part of life & leadership. We decided to meet this past Sunday despite the Christmas Eve Service Friday but, in retrospect, we probably won’t do that again 🙂 Instead of pulling our peoples time, energy & resources in different directions, we’ll focus on Christmas Eve & leave it at that. I share that here to say, learn from our mistake.



Shine Like Stars has been a fun, festive series & honestly, I’ll be sad to see it end in a couple of weeks. Here’s a rundown from last weekend.

A loving church is a serving church. I really don’t know that it’s possible to have one without the other. If you truly love people then you’ll serve them & if you truly serve people you can’t help but love them. There have been a few instances over the past couple weeks that have really stood out to me & made me realize that these two things go together like a hand in a glove.

Sometimes, cheesy works. The 3 main points of my sermon Sunday were about as cheesy as they come but I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten more compliments on the points of a message. They might have been cheesy but they were memorable so it worked.

Not yo momma’s Christmas songs! Josh & the CP band have done some amazing renditions of classic Christmas carols during the course of this series & this weeks version of O Come Let Us Adore Him might have been my favorite yet. The arrangement of the rendition was also totally original. Wow those guys are good!

Coffee enhances conversation. We’ve been giving out free coffee since day one at CP & it’s not just to provide a hot drink. Coffee truly does create conversation & community at CP & that’s been even more apparent as the temps have dropped outside. People are hanging out, chatting about life & warming-up over a hot cup of Pura Vida. I love it!

Can’t wait for our Christmas Eve Service. We only have 150 tickets & Sunday was the first week we took requests & passed them out. After week #1, they’re over half gone & that gets me excited! They say Christmas Eve is the #1 time for families to attend church together & that’s why we’re doing this.


Let’s just say there wasn’t much of a Thanksgiving hangover at CP on Sunday. We had a record crowd with expecting people which made for a great service as we kicked off our Shine Like Stars Christmas series.

This is going to be a good series. I love Christmas & I love the book of Philippians. Combine the two with a theme called “Shine Like Stars” & a super creative team, & you’ve got something pretty special. This one is going to stretch, challenge & inspire in new & fresh ways.

Life change is for kids too. We take time every week at CP to share a win. Something cool God has done or is doing, in & through the Centerpoint community. Sunday, Matt got to share about a young girl who had recently given her life to Christ. Great reminder on why kids ministry should be much more than a babysitting service.

Loved the set-design! Titling a series Shine Like Stars lends itself to some pretty neat stuff from a creative standpoint & that started on the stage Sunday. We had a star scape below the screen complete with some pretty rad Christmas trees. Probably my favorite set yet. Wish I had a good pic to show you but I don’t so I’ll have to work on it.

A good mix is so important. I believe many churches underestimate the importance of having a good sound guy who knows how to mix a live band. We’ve always been blessed in this area at CP & I realized Sunday just how blessed we really are. You would have had to have been there but wow did it sound great!

I can’t wait for next week! Seriously, I am ready to go right now! True Joy is our topic. Hope you can join us because the recap, just isn’t going to cut it for this one!


A bit late this week due to a technical difficulty but as the old adage goes, better late than never. Here are my thoughts from week #3 of the Rubber Bands series.

Worship = Wow! Our band is always incredible but there was something special about Sunday. I also know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I listened to a person, who doesn’t have a background in church, say Monday that he’d never felt what he felt Sunday during worship. Wow!

Rubber bands hit the screen. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, we talked about the tension we often feel with some of The People Around The Table. In order to relieve some of the tension, we participated in a corporate rubber band flick. The screen was our family & we flicked them! Lot’s of smiles all around on this one 🙂

Change is Good. We mixed the order of the service up Sunday with the hopes of changing some things permanently. In retrospect, I realized how blessed I am not to have a church & a team that argues over simple change. We’ve got a team that is more concerned with what will work best than what they like & I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

EVERYONE needs feedback! We are constantly assessing our feedback process at CP because feedback makes us better. Feedback needs to come from our leaders, our volunteers & those who are simply attending. Different perspectives are important, valuable & help us to see what we cannot see by ourselves.

A healthy church has healthy people. The point of this series has been to broaden & enhance our perspective on what the Bible tells us about navigating the often tense situations caused by relationships. Relationships matter & if we want healthy churches, we have to create a culture of healthy people that will create healthy families.


2-weeks in & I’m loving our Rubber Band series! From a topical perspective, I still think the best is yet to come!

Great crowd. When you’re a growing church plant you notice the little things. This was one of those weeks where there really didn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason but the crowd was solid & super engaged. No matter how much we grow I hope we never forget to place value on the little stuff.

Same people. Multiple roles. I’ve always been impressed with the ability of our Leaders & Dream Teamers to wear multiple hats when necessary. They often do it without being asked & that gets me even more jacked up! Sunday, we had people showing up earlier than normal & people, normally in positions other than Guest Services, stepped up to accommodate & make them feel welcomed.

Kidspoint was packed! I took Aubri to class Sunday & I couldn’t believe how many kids were back there! Our KP workers seriously deserve some type of Dream Team bonus. They put in so much work & I couldn’t be more proud of them for loving our kids & pointing them towards Jesus every single week!

Production was top notch. I make no apologies about the fact that production IS part of our weekly experience. Some people just pray, but we choose to pray & plan because excellence rarely happens without preparation. Sunday was one of those weeks where I was just in awe of our production crew, from the excellent mix on the sound, to the seamless transitions. We are blessed to have the artistic & production talent we have at CP.

Marriage stories are fun to tell. I love connecting personal marriage stories to a teaching & it’s even better to tell these stories when my wife is in the audience. I’m convinced I also get more laughs when she’s in there so it ends up being a win-win. I told a marriage story Sunday that got a few good laughs so I thought it was worth including. The end.