The Sacred & The Secular

This past Sunday at Centerpoint we started our now annual series called Faith & Film. Since we meet in a movie theatre this series makes sense for us but on a deeper level, I believe it helps us shatter the often imaginary line between the sacred and the secular.

One of the worst things about creating a “Christian subculture” is that it essentially shuts down our ability to think and process things outside of their respective labels. We see the label “Christian” on a book, song, or movie and assume it must be sanctified and redeemed. The same is true when that label is absent. We don’t see it, so we assume it’s entertainment and nothing more. This is unhealthy.

The Bible is an epic journey of liberation and redemption but the path that leads there is filled with all kinds of darkness and things that are anything but “spiritual”. It is in the midst of that darkness we are able to see the light that much brighter and this is why we must learn to find spiritual truth in unlikely places. When we look at the world through a lens of faith we will see God working in things where everyone else believes He’s absent.

God didn’t draw the line, we did and it’s time we start processing things through His lens instead of following everyone else’s label. 


Faith & Film will continue at Centerpoint through August 25th


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