Why I Believe in God

Levi Paul Franklin VanBuskirk born 7/11/12 at 11:51pm 8lbs 21inches

One week ago today, Levi Paul Franklin VanBuskirk was born! It was a 9-month journey that started and ended with the gift of life. I’ve always had a profound belief in God but watching all 3 of my children enter this world has only strengthened my faith. My belief in God comes not only from my convictions and upbringing but from my personal experience with the Divine. As I helped deliver Levi I was reminded this couldn’t just happen. This moment couldn’t exist without purpose. Without meaning. Without a Divine Creator who ordained it to be. Nothing I’ve witnessed in life has brought heaven any closer to earth than watching new life enter into it.  There are many reasons why I believe in God but nothing has brought Him closer to me than the gift of Aubri, Owen and Levi.


One thought on “Why I Believe in God

  1. Tommy says:

    Wonderful post! I know from experience just what you mean. I have 4 beautiful reasons to believe in God!

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