Stuff Christians NEVER Say

Last week at Centerpoint we kicked-off a new series called I Have Decided to Follow Jesus and week #1 was spent examining the term “Christian”  by exploring its history and perception. Most of us know the really bad stuff that can be associated with this term so I thought it would be fun to discuss the lighter side of the perception. I developed a satirical list which I entitled Stuff Christians NEVER Say. It’s not really stuff Christians never say as much as it’s stuff Christian’s would rarely admit they say. It got a lot of laughs and I’ve been asked for the list several times in the past week so I thought I’d post it here. Hope you enjoy!

  1. The Davinci Code was awesome!
  2. I totally passed out during my prayer time last night.
  3. This round of drinks is on me!
  4. I have no idea what’s going on in the Old Testament.
  5. Wanna watch Harry Potter after church?
  6. I’ll probably forget to pray about that but ask me anyway.
  7. Michael Jackson was the best!
  8. I think the music should be louder at my church.
  9. Awesome tattoo!
  10. You should leave our waitress a bigger tip

2 thoughts on “Stuff Christians NEVER Say

  1. I have said 5 of those things. Hint: 1.) I haven’t had the time to read Harry Potter prior to viewing the movies. 2.) I’ve taken more than a couple OT exegesis courses. 3.) I never use the word “at” as it relates to church. You can guess from there.

  2. Thanks for the humor Travis. You’re a good fellow.

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