The Gay Card

President Obama’s recent endorsement of gay marriage sent nothing less than a shockwave of emotions and opinions throughout every corner of the good old USA. As a pastor, I have taken particular interest in how the church would respond. Unfortunately, most of the popular media has chosen to let judgmental pastors and brainwashed singing toddlers represent what I believe to be the minority.

There are many churches that don’t agree with our President’s current view but I’ve spoken with no one, in any of those circles, who agrees that a modern-day concentration camp, or teaching children to proclaim hell on the gays, is a good idea. It might not make the best nightly news story or sell papers but there are many Christians who understand this issue is not going away and that hate never brings about a positive exchange.

I believe Jesus heart breaks when he hears people who claim to follow Him respond with hate instead of love. After all, He was the one who told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. (Mark 12:31) My prayer is for all my gay brothers & sisters, who are human just like I am human and deserve respect and love, to find it inside the church. My desire is for everyone, gay and straight, to find the life-changing liberation that only comes through Jesus. I believe love will open that door and I believe love is the foundation of many churches. I am hopeful the ignorant opinions of a few will not detour people from experiencing the true legacy of love left by Jesus and proclaimed by many of His followers.

We must value all life because God created life and everyone has a story. 

Thoughts to ponder… 


5 thoughts on “The Gay Card

  1. Jeff Strange says:

    The challenge has always been to. like Jesus, love the sinner AND hate the sin. We should always strive to support the homosexual, while at the same time oppose homosexuality. Hating the sin IS NOT the same as hating the sinner. I would hope as you endeavor to PUBLICALLY support and love homosexuals (which I agree we should) that you would also PUBLICALLY oppose the sin of homosexuality. Jesus loved the woman caught in adultery, but also told her to go and sin no more. I would hope that the “go and sin no more” would be part of the message that you preach to homosexuals, while you are loving them.

    Jeff Strange

  2. Bev Yoakum says:

    Christopher, you have shown love to so many. Through that love and acceptance Christ has worked within people His way. I believe if we love all people, then pray God will do the changing if it is needed, we will see people come into a relationship with Him.

  3. Keep the dialogue going folks! I appreciate the discussion.

  4. Nick Scutari says:

    Chris, I think you’re right on here. We’re called to love, period. When groups of people, or even individuals bring hate and condemnation into the picture in the name of “Christ, Church, religion, Christianity, etc.” we have already failed. Holding up signs in protest of homosexuality does nothing to show the love of Christ to those people. We’re called to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” That commandment has NEVER been contingent upon who the other person is.

  5. You always add solid insight Nick & this comment is no exception. Thanks for sharing.

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