Last week at Centerpoint an individual whom I greatly respect shared his personal journey through divorce. His divorce was triggered by an affair. His two girls, 10 and 12 at the time, were thrown into the midst of it and ended up with baggage of their own because of his mistake. He was on a journey to pastor and lost just about everything. He shared the whole messy story and people were healed because he was real.

Many of us in this postmodern, relevant church movement with our organic coffee, hip bands, and polished services can to easily forget that authenticity is what people ultimately hope to find at our churches. They want to know and see that we, just like them, are sinners in need of a Savior.

Sunday was an incredible reminder to me of what God can do when we decide to just be real. I believe the church needs more of those Sunday’s and it starts with those of us who lead. If we can’t admit our flaws and regrets than how can we expect anyone in our communities to do the same? God can take our mess and turn it into something beautiful but we have to confess it first. 

You can listen to last week’s sermon from Centerpoint and guest speaker Rick Tripp HERE


One thought on “JUST BE REAL!

  1. Nikki Lurty says:

    I was very moved by his story . So glad he shared with us . Thank you for being so real Mr Tripp !

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