It’s All About Who You Know

My dad used to remind me all the time that it’s not always what you know in life but who you know that often matters. Although I’ve seen this to be true in multiple facets of my life nowhere has it been more true than in the world of church planting.

What most people don’t realize is that Centerpoint was initially launched without a true support network in place. We had a lot of people praying for us & we had some people who gave generously to our cause. Believe it or not though, it takes more than prayer & money to plant a church & make it work. At the core of what it takes is a support network filled with people who are ready to help you navigate the trenches of the vision God has called you to fulfill.

For Centerpoint, that support network came from ARC (Association of Related Churches)  & thankfully, God led us to them before I had the chance to mess things up too much. Proverbs 15:22 reminds us that plans often fail because we don’t seek counsel but the support & advice of others brings success. I type this blog as I prepare to depart for ARC’s annual All Access Conference. I am humbled by what they have meant to Centerpoint over the past 2.5 years & I’m being completely honest when I say that we couldn’t be doing what we’re doing, the way we are doing it, without their network of support.

God has called all of us to complete something & even with the knowledge, we must find the support that offers perspective & insight to make it work the way God wants it to work. That support usually comes from others we come know. Life was never meant to be lived alone & even when God stirs the soul of an individual to act, it most often takes a lot of individuals to help make that dream a reality. Learn to value who you know more what you know on the path towards fulfilling your journey. Knowledge can leave you lonely but relationships will sustain you.

Dream Big.

Find Support.

Watch it Grow.


2 thoughts on “It’s All About Who You Know

  1. Aaron Hines says:

    Goods words brother!

  2. Thanks man. Appreciate you!

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