It’s Not That Sexy

Yesterday at Centerpoint we had a tremendous response as our church of just under 150 people raised over $1,000 in gift cards to meet a practical need for a family in our community. With 4-days notice, I watched the people of our church get energized, passionate & excited about joining a cause bigger than themselves.

In a little over 2 years since our official launch, we have been dubbed as the Crazy Love church. A lot of people seem to think we dream up these awesome projects & outreach efforts but in all honesty, most of what we do is not that sexy & yes, I said sexy. We’ve bought a farm overseas, we put on an annual family carnival for free & we’re building a house in Mexico but honestly, most of our efforts to show Crazy Love don’t come packaged with a lot of fluff.

Likely using Matthew 25:31-46 as her guide Mother Teresa famously said that “small things, done with great love can change the world We believe this & we take it to heart as a church. Feeding people isn’t that sexy but it matters. Doing a clothing drive isn’t that sexy but it matters. Providing clean water isn’t that sexy but it matters. Buying a $20 gift card for a family in need isn’t that sexy but it matters.

As followers of Christ we must remember to look beyond the sexy projects & learn to see the daily needs right in front of our eyes. Alone, these things probably won’t set the world on fire but when we put them all together we will see authentic life change & life change is what the Crazy Love of Jesus is all about to begin with.



2 thoughts on “It’s Not That Sexy

  1. George Meyer says:

    Nice CV! Enjoy your week!

  2. Thanks George! Look forward to seeing you soon.


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