Confident Humility

Back in October, the always generous Dave Ramsey gave a free copy of his then new Entreleadership book to all 15,000 leaders in attendance at the Catalyst Conference. I had a large reading list at the time but after the prodding of my good friend & CP’s Executive Pastor Matt Kysor, I finally got around to it. I have since read it twice & can’t stop thinking about what I  read.

Of all the things I could takeaway from the book, the one theme I can’t stop thinking about is the idea of confident humility. I don’t believe this is a phrase Ramsey ever uses directly but it’s weaved throughout every page of the personal stories he shares.

Ramsey’s stories show us a person who, through his experience, has recognized he is only as good as his team & the people he places around him. This is confident humility. The confidence comes by creating the team & making the tough decisions that guide the organization. The humility comes by learning from that team as much as we teach them & recognizing we can only do so much on our own.

Confident humility is what separates the Entrepreneurs from the EntreLeaders. These are two different types of people but instead of telling you how Entrepreneurs & EntreLeaders are different, consider this your tease to read the book.

EntreLeadership was an insightful glimpse into the life of an ordinary man who has channeled his passion to do extraordinary things & learned from others along the way. Ramsey’s honesty is refreshing and you finish the book with no doubt that this is truly a leader who practices what he preachers. This is a must read for anyone leading anything.



2 thoughts on “Confident Humility

  1. George Meyer says:

    Maybe I need to put this on the “To Read List”. I was talking with Matt K. the other week over lunch. I was convinced that I wanted nothing more to do with leadership. My Chazown says otherwise; Faith/ Encouragement Mercy / Compassion, Administration / Guidance, and Leadership.
    Go figure…

  2. I know you well enough to tell you your Chazown seems right George 🙂 Embrace it!


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