Just Give Up

At the end of 2008 my wife & I were getting ready to have our first child, graduate from college, move back to Chillicothe, OH in the spring & plant the next fastest growing mega church in North America. So I’m slightly exaggerating the last part but you get the point. The world was ours for the taking & we believed Centerpoint was going to blow the doors off of our small southern Ohio town. 

3-years later, as we prepare to end 2011, I realize things didn’t go quite as we expected over the last 36 months. We did have our first child (Aubri), and our second one (Owen), and recently found out we’re expecting our third (TBD). We did graduate from college, we did move back to Chillicothe  and we did plant a church (Centerpoint) but it did not grow quite as rapidly as we expected. I could tell you our growth has been steady but my honest translation of steady in this case would be slow.

More often than not, a good thing takes time to grow but this is not what we want to believe. We are drawn to the exceptions. We love the overnight sensations & the start-ups that defy the statistics. These stories happen but it doesn’t make the churches, start-ups & dreams that don’t go this way less significant. Even now, as Centerpoint has grown & faces another move into the last & biggest theatre in our building, I am reminded of what might have never been if I had just listened to the voices & given up. No life change. No hope. No Crazy Love. No future.

I believe God has placed a dream in each of us whether it be a church, a business a cause or a destination we are drawn to. Whatever it is, when God says go we must go & trust Him with the consequences. Those who truly love us will stick by us through thick & thin. They’ll be there when it’s bad & when it’s good. They’ll be there when we exceed our goals & when we fall below them. A good team is essential to fulfilling a big dream.

As we all look towards 2012 & all the promise it brings, I would like to offer a humble piece of advice: If you don’t want to do something great JUST GIVE UP but if you want to live the dream & follow God’s leading, keep going because persistence & faith will carry you out of the valley & up to the mountain. May your new year be blessed!



2 thoughts on “Just Give Up

  1. Matt says:

    Glad you didn’t quit; otherwise I would’ve had to punch you in the face.

  2. I would’ve let you 🙂

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