Many people who claim Christ seem to downplay Santa but I am not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I despise much of the commercialism, & believe Jesus should ALWAYS be at the center, but the true story of St. Nicholas is a message we should not lose sight of in the church. It’s a story of generosity & hope from a man who felt compelled to give to others because God first gave to him.

Generosity is scarce, even in the church & we need to get it back. I believe the true story of Santa can help us put giving in perspective for our children & teach us a lot along the way about why we give. As Christians, we often run from things we believe might get “worldly”. I fear this is what we did with St. Nicholas & as a result, the true story has been lost because the wrong people are telling it.  

Kristyn & I have always sought balance in our home. We let our kids use their imagination & pretend but we also tell them true story of St. Nicholas right along side the story of Jesus & the manger. In our house, Santa & the manger go together. Many of us have no problem letting our young children believe in the reality of a Disney character &, although fine & good, those characters give us no real redeeming value. Why then, would many of us choose to avoid a character who actually has redeeming value & can enhance the true message of Christmas when presented correctly?

Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth to show us God’s love & it was because of that love St. Nicholas gave generously to others. At the end of the day, we can tell the stories but its up to us to live it & exemplify generosity to our children. I grew up with a generous family & those memories still impact me today. May we always tell the amazing story of our Savior who was born in a manager & may the love of that Savior compel us to reclaim the true story of Saint Nicholas who’s generosity is something we would all do well to model.



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