Food That Changes Lives

In the wake of the weekend where we eat more than any other, a post on food seemed appropriate. Like many of you, I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family & without regret, I ate way too much! We had 2 dinners on Thursday & 1 on Saturday but ironically, it was the dinner I helped serve last Tuesday that left the biggest impact on me.

Centerpoint has been partnered with a local soup kitchen for over 2-years now. We thought it would be a simple, practical way to serve but it’s turned into so much more than that. The people we serve at this soup kitchen have become our friends. We talk with them, laugh them, & pray with them & it all starts by eating with them.

There’s something about food that opens hearts & there has never been more proof of this to me than Tuesday night during the Thanksgiving meal we served to our friends. One gentlemen started conversing with our Worship Leader Josh Strange. He shared his story & Josh listened. Before he left, Josh prayed with him as he made a decision to follow Jesus. Life change at a soup kitchen.

We complicate the Gospel but the Gospel is not complicated. Jesus summarized it pretty well in Matthew 22:36-40 when he reminded us that Loving God & Loving People was what really mattered. For us, feeding people is one of the ways we chose to love them & last Tuesday was proof that something as simple as food really can change lives.


Give hope & Change lives with us as we provide Christmas for all 50 families that attend the soup kitchen!


3 thoughts on “Food That Changes Lives

  1. Nick Scutari says:


    I think this goes right along with when we partake of Communion. Christ offers us food- his body & blood, and we partake together as a community. I love what you guys are doing there, and I pray that God continues to bless your ministry.

  2. It is simply amazing how one simple meal can open the door for life change! I’m so thankful to be a part of something truly amazing. 🙂

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