Avoiding the Afterlife

Sunday at Centerpoint will be the first time in our over 2-year history I have truly tackled the topics of Heaven & Hell. I confess, I avoided this as long as I could. The tailspin created earlier in the year by Rob Bell’s Love Wins & the follow-up response from Francis Chan’s Erasing Hell (I’ve read both), along with numerous others, made me realize I couldn’t avoid teaching on this subject any longer.

When I say I “avoided this” I don’t mean I haven’t talked about Heaven & Hell from the stage because I have. Every pastor knows though that there’s a BIG difference between talking about something & teaching on something. I have avoided the teaching component because of the fear I would abuse my limited knowledge on the topic like so many others seem to have done.

Heaven & Hell both matter. They are both topics in Scripture & therefor should necessitate a response & discussion from those striving to live their lives in accordance with Scripture. That said, we can never know all the details of either topic because our human understanding is fallible even though God’s word is perfect. I have approached this topic with Isaiah 55:8 in my heart: “My thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways declares the Lord.”

As I prepare to dive into this topic my prayer has been for humility. I am not God nor will I ever be God. I cannot know everything but I do know something & the something I know is that the Creator of the universe is madly in love with us & sent His son to prepare us now for what is to come later. Now matters & so does later.



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