Embrace The Tension

The other day myself, and a handful of folks involved in the decision making at CP had a healthy “discussion”. The conversation involved 4 of us & we all had a slightly different take on something we were trying to process & work through. Truth be told, our discussion got a little tense. 

Early on in leading this church I now realize that many of our leaders were afraid to step on each others toes. We didn’t want to offend anyone, or have our ideas misunderstood. Instead of working through things we just let them go & we suffered some regrettable consequences as a result. Somewhere along the way, we started to become more comfortable in our own skin. We learned to trust & we learned not to take things personal. We learned how to move on even when we disagreed. Simply put, we learned to embrace the tension. 

Back to the conversation I referenced earlier: Instead of ignoring the issue like we might have previously done, we pushed each other & worked through it. We stood firm on our thoughts while staying open to different perspectives. Ultimately, it would seem the issue was resolved & instead of having regret we have peace because we said what we needed to say & embraced the tension.

Tension pushes us to think outside our box.

Tension helps us explore different angles.

Tension brings a fresh perspective.  

Learn to embrace the tension. You’ll be glad you did & so will everyone who sees the end result of what you struggled through.




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