Finding Spiritual Truth in Unlikely Places

This weekend at Centerpoint we will start our 3rd annual Faith & Film series. The premise is simple: we pick films from the past calendar year & explore the elements of faith in those films thus finding spiritual truth in unlikely places. Although we do this series because it’s a fun, fitting way to close out summer, I must admit there’s always been an ulterior motive.

Somewhere, at a some point, someone decided to draw a line in the sand between what art would be labeled sacred & what art would be labeled secular.  I believe this man made line has been one of the most damning lines the church has ever crossed. Instead of learning to process things on our own, we simply read the label on the package & make our judgements accordingly. As a result, many of us have lost the ability to engage culture through a lense of faith & I believe we must reclaim this.

In Jesus culture there was no such line or label on art & He didn’t push to create one. Paul was a frequent quoter of  what we would label “secular” artists, poets & philosophers but that didn’t stop him from using their material. When we view culture through a lens of faith we see redemption where others just see labels. God is working even when the label doesn’t match. We see this story told time & time again in Scripture & it shouldn’t surprise us God still works this way today.

When we learn to see life through a true lens of faith, we will engage culture instead of running from it & our eyes will be opened to the redeming work of Christ that is happening all around us! This is what Faith & Film is really all about.



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