How to Plant a Church

For all my church planting friends: Hope this reminds you to smile at the ridiculously crazy thing God has called you to do!


3 thoughts on “How to Plant a Church

  1. Derek Potter says:

    Diesel Jeans, embroidered shirt, fauxhawk, and boots. The modern day pastor’s three piece suit and haircut!

    The line about dotted eighth note delays is priceless. I wonder what modern church guitar players would do without the U2 preset on their delay pedals. He also should have said something about the 1-4-5 progression, the open E position, and the capo.

    Funny stuff…also a little sad though when you think about it. Cliches don’t just become cliches for no reason. It’s sad because this is a modern day box that God is placed in. All of our railings against wearing suits and ties, pews, old ladies playing the organ, bible thumping, and other cultural artifacts have been replaced by a whole new standard/cookie cutter way of thinking that our culture sees fit to use. Technology, trendy clothes, modern music, and messages that are feel-good, seeker sensitive, ego stroking, and 45 minutes (not all the old stuff was lost).

    Not that we should bring back bad suits and pews, and not that the new stuff is bad at all…but it’s an intriguing notion and a good question to all of us who have planted or helped to plant churches in recent years. Have we replaced “old time religion” with “new time religion” under the preface of being culturally relevant?

  2. I’ve often shared similar thoughts Derek. In an effort to become relevant & hip, many of us have simply become liberal fundamentalists if that even makes sense. There’s a balance somewhere & I believe we must continue to pursue the discovery of that balance.


  3. JEV says:

    I’m by myself and laughing out loud!!

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