Aubri Shooting a Gun

Before you report my to child services, read the whole post 🙂

Owen is obsessed with Pirates right now. We just finished his 2nd birthday party with a pirate theme created by my wife that would have made Jake Sparrow proud. Owen wanted to dress up like a pirate for his party & was in full costume. The final part of that pirate costume was a pirate gun that looked like this:

Owen loved the gun & after the party Aubri decided she wanted to shoot the gun. I wish I had a video to show you the hilarity that ensued. Owen figured out how to use the gun in about 5 seconds. Aubri took 5 minutes before she could even figure out how to hold it! After trying for a while she realized it wasn’t her thing so she ran and got a bat & ball instead which is totally her thing & I’m serious, she bats about .600 in our living room. Aubri wanted the gun to be her thing because Owen had so much fun with it but no matter how hard she tried it just wasn’t her thing.

This whole funny situation made me realize we do the exact same thing as adults. We see people all the time who are great at something we want to be great it. Truth is, it’s not always in our skill set or personality to be great at that thing. Instead of embracing or finding what we are good at, we fall prey to insecurity. We nit pick things about people we actually admire wishing we could do what they did. What good does this ever do?

We must recognize that we are all unique & different. We can’t get jealous and insecure around people just because they’re good at something we want to be good at. It would be far more useful for everyone if we simply embraced our own strengths & praised the strengths of others. Someone is always better but remember that sometimes, your that someone another person is looking at. Even if you want to be good with a gun it’s ok to go grab the bat & ball.

Find your strength.

Embrace your strengh.

Thrive in your strength.



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