What I’ve Learned About Leadership

This time 3-years ago, Centerpoint was still a dream. Our team consisted of me & my wife, our Executive Pastor & his wife & our Creative Coordinator. Our first year was spent planning, dreaming & developing others who were passionate about the vision God had called us to fulfill. Then in September of 2009, we launched Centerpoint & started to watch the plans & dreams become a reality.

Growing from 5 to 100 has been an incredible experience & it has come with more lessons on leadership than I could ever share in a blog. Even so, as I reflected on the past 3-years, I wanted to share the top 5 takeaways on leadership I’ve had during that time. I hope it helps someone in someway.

Leading people takes stamina – Leadership is not easy. It creates more of a roller-coaster than life itself. I am convinced that the biggest distinction between an average leader & a great leader is stamina. Great leaders know how to grind it out & stay focused on the vision when they’re in the valley’s. When your leaders have stamina even failures turn into victories because everything is seen as a learning experience.

The little things matter – Good leaders know that the little things are important. You want leaders that go the extra mile & push others around them to got the extra mile. This creates a culture of excellence & having even one person that’s afraid to be critiqued & pushed for more, can kill the dynamic on your entire team. Leaders who pay attention to the little things make everything & everyone around them better.

The REST is as important as the DRIVE – Almost every leader is a naturally driven person. They want to go. They want to pursue. They want to excel. It’s important that we teach & even force our leaders to rest. It’s never good to have a leader that puts ministry first in their life. It will lead to stress, tension & burnout. Healthy people create a healthy team. Healthy people know how to rest. People will follow what they see us model. We most model a balanced life.

There is a difference between coordinating & leading – As we have grown, I have learned there is a clear distinction between coordination & leadership. I have also learned that line is often hard to see. Leaders can often be good coordinators but coordinators will not always be good leaders. The biggest distinction comes from the intangibles. Leaders usually have an “it” quality that can be seen clearly when we step back & observe. See it and embrace it. Every team needs good leaders & good coordinators to grow.

The learning never stops – If I were to type this post next month, one of these takeaways would inevitably change because the learning never stops! This post includes what I’ve already learned about leadership with an understanding that I will never stop learning. Good leaders crave knowledge & do everything they can to learn from people who are doing it better than they are. Leaders embrace learning as part of the journey & accept the fact that they will never stop growing.



2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Leadership

  1. JEV says:

    Sounds like you’re learning some pretty valuable stuff! I’m proud of all of you.

  2. We’ve had some pretty solid teachers 🙂

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