The Gospel that Offends

We live in a culture where comfort is king. Our houses, cars, furniture, smart phones & everything in-between screams of comfort. We all want things that make our life easier.  We say we’re up for a challenge but if we’re being honest, those moments are usually few & far between.

Not only does the Gospel of Jesus challenge us but the Gospel of Jesus will inevitably offend us. We want a Gospel to snuggle with. Something to keep us warm & safe. Something that  comforts us. No doubt following Jesus will bring us comfort but in finding that comfort, we will be challenged & we will be offended. To remedy this problem, we decide it’s better to keep God in a box. We make God into us instead of becoming more like Him. 

  • The Gospel of Jesus expresses disdain for those of us who pursue money & wealth.
  • The Gospel of Jesus calls us to put others ahead of ourselves.
  • The Gospel of Jesus shows a story of love for ALL people even terrorist & murderers.
When we consider the gravity & weight of these things, we will likely be offended  & that’s a good thing. The Gospel is counter-cultural & it challenges our way of thinking & living. It is through the offense we can pursue the challenge & it is through the challenge we will become more like Jesus. 
May we become more like Jesus & accept the challenge the Gospel of Jesus calls us to.



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