The Space We Create

I put a great deal of importance on the space we’re creating every Sunday at Centerpoint. Some might not realize it, or like to admit it, but every church creates a particular type of space every-time they gather together. Spaces dictate who shows up & who stays. Spaces dictate how we interact & respond. Spaces dictate the priorities those in our community will have & live by. Spaces are important. 

The problem with spaces is that they often become more important than the thing they were created for. In church, we create a space to connect people to Jesus. The problems arises when we fall more in love with the environment of that space  than we do the purpose of that space. When we fall in love more with the environment than the purpose, we will find ourselves becoming cynical & divisive over those who create a different type of space.

I believe every church is responsible to create a unique & authentic space. I can critique your space & you can critique mine but much like a house, it takes all the different rooms to finish the project. The church will remain divided until we learn to view each others spaces through this lens. It’s about all of our unique spaces, pointing people in unique ways to the same cross. That’s what our spaces were created for.



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