This weekend reminded me why I will always have a love/hate relationship with social networking. In one way, I saw it used to greatly enhance an event we were doing at Centerpoint. In another way, I saw it used to discuss a serious & private matter in a very hurtful & public way.

Facebook & Twitter aren’t going away but we would do well to remember that our words are our words whether spoken or typed. It’s easy to hid behind a screen & type critical statements we would never say publicly. Letting people know you’ve had a rough day is one thing but openly flaunting personal matters or tearing others down simply isn’t acceptable.

If Jesus lived in today’s culture I’m convinced he would re-write Matthew 12:34 to say “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks & the fingers tweet.” Our words matter to God & it’s time we start realizing this. I have been that angry person behind the screen & through failure, I have worked to change my ways.

What might life look like if we approached our posts & tweets with grace? 

Thoughts to ponder.



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  1. Wes Molebash says:

    Awhile back, Pete Wilson tweeted that he never posts complaints on Twitter. I found it convicting, and now I try to be very conscious about what I’m tweeting and posting on Facebook.

    As an avid user of social networking sites, I get pretty annoyed by negativity on the web. I don’t want to add more noise to an already obnoxiously loud conversation.

  2. That is convicting bro & something that we really should think about. Not many people like listening to those who complain so why would we think it’s ok for us to type our complaints? We have a double standard with social networking that must be re-examined.

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