The Scandalous Reality

Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend & fellow pastor about the ongoing problems pastors & church leaders are facing with marital indiscretions in and between members on their own staff & teams. For such a long time this seemed to be confined to churches who were not focused on creating cultures of authenticity. Over time however, it has entered into churches where authenticity was & is a primary focus.

If we encourage everyone to come as they are, why are more leaders in these movements falling?

Centerpoint fits into this movement so this conversation was a real gut check for me. I don’t believe most if any of these men & women set out to have an affair & dismantle their life & ministry but it happened. Why? If I’m being honest, I believe many of us in this movement, have done a tremendous job at creating a culture of authenticity with those who attend but we’ve failed at creating the same culture with our staff & team.

We know the expectations people have of us as pastors, as leaders as a team, & it scares us out of being authentic with each other. This MUST change if we want this epidemic to stop. To change, we must be honest & work just as hard to create a culture of authenticity behind the scenes as we do in all other facets of our ministries. Which is harder: Having a conversation about how we’re tempted or having a conversation about how we’ve fallen into that temptation?

It is time we START admitting we all struggle & STOP judging fellow leaders when they tell us they do.

Authenticity is a 2-way street because authenticity confesses & listens.



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