Soap in my mouth & what my kids have taught me about grace.

As much as parent’s like to act like we’ve got it together, we don’t & I fail daily in this area of my life. Patience has never been one of my shining attributes. A 3-year old & an almost 2-year old, can really bring out the best in me at times.

Over the weekend, I was on daddy duty & I had a moment where I just lost it. I yelled, Aubri cried & then daddy washed his own mouth out with soap. I should note that I’m 100% serious about the soap part. Funny thing is, when I got the soap & told Aubri & Owen what I was doing & why, Aubri looked right at me & said: “ I love you daddy. I alright now.”

It was in that moment I realized my kids have taught me more about grace than anyone else.

Grace forgives.

Grace forgets.

Grace accepts.

No matter how many times I mess up with my kids they always forgive, forget & accept. This is exactly what Jesus does &, through the innocence of a child, I feel I’ve seen a glimpse of what the world might look like if we could show the same grace to our fellow brothers & sisters.What might the world look like if we could learn to extend the same grace to people who deserved soap in their mouth?

Thoughts to Ponder.



5 thoughts on “Soap in my mouth & what my kids have taught me about grace.

  1. Denise says:

    Awww, Aubri’s so sweet! What a shining example of grace!

  2. She reminds me everyday what love is all about.

  3. JEV says:

    I love you, son!

  4. Kristyn says:

    You’re a great dad! Love you!

  5. […] 3: Grace isn’t that hard when we really want to extend it. Over a year ago I told a story on this blog about how I screwed up as a parent & lost my temper. I yelled, Aubri cried & I washed my […]

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