Why Discussion Matters

Rob Bell’s latest book, Love Wins, (which I have read) has shaken up the church world in ways it hasn’t been shaken-up in years if not decades. The book has been incredibly controversial & opinions have varied, but there has been one common theme: people are actually discussing their beliefs & faith in God. This is a good thing.

Discussion matters because it helps us grow.

Discussion matters because it stretches us.

Discussion matters because it refines us.

Although I was opposed to many of the books early critics for critiquing something they hadn’t even read, there has been a shift towards civilized conversation over the past week from people on both sides of the issue. This has been a welcomed shift from my perspective & one we would all do well to follow in the future. May we remember, that we have people on the outside looking in, & to them, more than almost anyone else, discussion matters because discussion can lead us to God.



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