What leaving a mark should look like.

Last night, the world lost an incredible person in Billy Hornsby. Many of you who are connected with Centerpoint know that we are partnered with a church planting organization called ARC (Association of Related Churches). Simply put, without ARC’s support, guidance & leadership we would not be what we are today.

I will never forget getting a tweet from Billy after our first official service in September of 2009. I had tweeted about what an awesome morning it had been & Billy sent me a message encouraging me to stay the course, & fight the good fight no matter what. I will never forget that & I will also never forget that Billy lived his life like that.

Billy was the founder & president of ARC. He believed the world should be full of relevant, life giving churches & cast the vision for ARC to make that dream a reality. Billy created a team of some of the most generous & genuine people I have ever been around. His passion for creating churches that would point a lost generation back to Jesus was infectious & inspiring.

Like my father, Billy had battled multiple bought’s with cancer. We had been told earlier in the week that it was only a matter time until He’d be standing face to face with his Creator. When I got the news late last night that Billy had passed, all the thoughts I’d had about his journey & legacy began to race through my mind.

We will ALL leave a mark in this life & Billy left a mark anyone would be proud to follow. He loved God, He loved people, and he was generous with everything he had been given. I am privileged to have been a partner in ministry with Billy & his legacy will continue to live on through the 200 churches he helped plant which includes Centerpoint. I ask that you join me in keeping his family, friends & the staff at ARC in your prayers during this time.


If you would like to make a contribution to help continue Billy’s vision through ARC, please click the link below:



2 thoughts on “What leaving a mark should look like.

  1. JEV says:

    This was a nice tribute Christopher. Suppose he has met your dad and they have compared notes about you? I will pray for his family.

  2. That’s a bit intimidating actually 🙂

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