Week #2 of He Said. She Said. & my wife got to teach!

  • My wife continually amazes me! I have NEVER met a person more well rounded than my wife. She’s an incredible person, wife, mother, daughter, friend & now speaker! Kristyn talked to all the ladies Sunday & it was remarkably well rounded & relatable to say the least. As she noted Sunday, the last group she spoke to was a group of 1st graders but you sure couldn’t tell it.
  • We had a near full house. We were at about 80% capacity on Sunday morning & that continued a good trend we started back in January. We’ve had a ton of momentum so far this year & I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Big things in store for the future which will likely include a move to one of the bigger theaters at Danbarry.
  • Excellence will ALWAYS matter. NEVER will ANYONE on our team have to apologize for pursuing excellence! I’ve been reminded lately of how much our team goes out of their way to create excellence in everything they do & I wouldn’t trade that for the world. When we do things well, people notice & when people notice, it can open doors for them to connect with Jesus. I believe that because I have seen that.
  • God knows & we don’t. We think we know what to expect, we think we know what we need, we think we know God & then we’re reminded that he’s knows & we don’t. Had a pretty cool unexpected blessing on Sunday & it was a great reminder that God knows & we don’t.
  • Relationships always connect. This series is reminding me that you can’t go wrong when you chose to talk about relationships. It’s something we all relate to, all want advice on & it’s something the Bible talks a lot about!

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