Arrogance for Arrogance

There is an attitude among many in my generation that greatly disturbs me. The movement that creates the attitude is one that questions  the status quo, in hopes of finding new ways of thinking, doing & living. Positive change often comes when we practice these things & this is a movement every generation before mine has gone likely through. The movement itself isn’t what disturbs me but rather the attitude that is following behind it.

Although many in this movement cry for tolerance, peace & freedom I find many of us becoming the very people we were attempting to avoid. We were tired of people who touted their opinion as fact & beat those who disagreed over the head with their ideologies. As we tried to break the mold & present new thoughts for what we believe would be a better world, we were met with objection which ultimately created anger & caused us to exchange arrogance for arrogance.

Instead of understanding that not everyone will see the world from our perspective & accept our new ideas, we, in our spoiled, entitled mindset, have become the same people we claim to despise. We out judge the judgmental, out tradition the traditionalist & over legalize the legalist.

For a generation that cries for tolerance & peace we sure do yell loud at those who don’t want to follow our lead. If we want to see change with others we must first change ourselves. Despite the reality of the situation, I have never been more excited for this generation of thinkers. We have a chance to defy the odds, change the course of history & see the world through a more focused, rational lens than anyone before us but ONLY if we stop exchanging arrogance for arrogance & become the peace makers we claim to be.



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