God is always working. This series has been a reminder to me that God is always working. He might not show up like we expect but He is working. He might do what we had hoped but He is working. He might not follow our timeline but He is working. God is always working.

Kidspoint be jamming! We officially welcomed our new Kidspoint Coordinator (Crystal Webb) on Sunday & I couldn’t be more excited about the future of KP! Crystal’s passion is contagious & there are big things in store for the kids of Centerpoint.

The prettiest handwriting award goes to…Our fearless worship leader Joshua David Strange! Call it sexist but everyone knows girls generally have the prettiest handwriting. There were no girls around Sunday, we needed someone to write & Josh stepped up to the plate & surprised us all. Sorry Josh.

I love the way we do communion. We found a format early on at CP & it’s one of the few things we just haven’t tweaked much. It’s a time of intimacy, connection & reflection & I love that I still get to serve everyone.

Excellence NEVER stops. Plan B has been an absolutely amazing series! God has done some amazing stuff & creatively, the series was on a whole other level! I was reminded Sunday that true excellence never takes a week or series off. We started the year off with a bang & we won’t be slowing down anytime soon.



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