It was the 3rd week of our Plan B series & what a week it was! My thoughts are as follows.

The best month of our history? We’ve got 1-week left but I feel it’s already safe to say that January 2011 has been the best month in our history! Every week, we’ve broken the attendance record set the week before, we’ve got more people serving on our Dream Team than ever & this series has been one of the best we’ve ever done. January will be hard to top, but God can make sure that happens.

I love watching/listening to people worship. Although I most often sit in the front I will frequently, sometimes awkwardly, glance around to scan the crowd. Watching people worship is always an incredible experience to me & yesterday was no exception as I saw & heard people worship with all their hearts!

Growth starts with relationships. I was reminded yesterday how important relationships are to spiritual growth. We’ve seen so many guarded people come into our doors & it’s never just a service, song or alter call that changes their life. It’s authentic relationships, with other people struggling on the journey of life & faith together that makes the difference. May we always show we care.

Kidspoint is growing. We’re adding a bunch of kids these days at CP & thankfully, we’re adding a bunch of new Dream Teamers as well. The atmosphere in KP is so amazing & it’s so awesome to see kids excited to go to class week after week.

Can’t wait for next week! I could always say & mean this but next week will be extra special as we close out Plan B & close the chapter on an amazing month at CP! God is doing some awesome stuff!




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