Week #2 of Plan B was absolutely incredible in so many ways!

Worship was on a whole notha level! Our band is always good but this week was something extra ordinary. People all over the building were surrendering to God & singing their  hearts out to Him. It was awesome to see & experience. God works through music & I’m thankful we’ve got such a great group of people who lead us every week.

Another BIG crowd. We’ve been setting attendance records in every area since January & it’s been easy for everyone to see. Not only are we getting a lot of new faces but we have more first time guests returning than ever before. It’s going to be a big year at CP.

Our Dream Team is the best! I’m always blown away by the commitment & dedication of our Dream Team to go above & beyond. It hit me Sunday how blessed we are to have a church that truly serves the people around them.

I was a preacher not a teacher. I normally consider myself more of a teacher than a preacher but  on Sunday, I was all jacked up! I could sense God wanted to do some huge things so I just went with it. If I would have had a hanky, I would have used it 🙂

Different is Good. I’ve probably said this on here before but this week was another example. Although we incorporate many of the same elements at CP every week, we regularly mix-up the order of things for one reason or another. Sunday, we started with teaching (or preaching this week) & ended with the worship. It was a nice change of pace that fit the topic perfectly.


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