A Day of WINS

We started off the New Year with a bang at Centerpoint on Sunday by showing a short film called WINS, which was created by our very own Johnny Ropple. The video featured the personal stories of WINS from people in our community. Each person shared a moment, or moments, from the past year at Centerpoint that impacted their life in a profound, life-changing way. It was easily one of the most powerful things we’ve EVER done at CP & it was an amazing way to begin 2011!

Sharing WINS is probably one of the areas we’ve grown in the most since we started. When you lead a church it’s very easy to forget that everyone doesn’t know what you know. Early in our brief history we simply didn’t share the WINS enough & we didn’t give people the platform, our opportunity to share their stories.

Flash forward a year or so & things look a lot differently now. We try to find both natural & systematic ways to celebrate WINS at Centerpoint because we believe it’s so important to remember what this church thing is all about & that’s life change. When life change happens, we must praise it, celebrate it & share it. The WINS video was a creative way to do all three of these things at once & I think it helped set the tone for what I believe will be an amazing 2011!


P.S. The WINS film will be posted online soon & when it is, I will make sure to share the link with you.


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