Christmas Weekend RECAP

It was a busy weekend in the wide, wonderful world of Centerpoint. In case you missed the fun, here’s a quick rundown.

  • I’m REALLY glad we did a Christmas Eve Service. We had a full house, families worshipped together, people who aren’t normally in church attended & everyone seemed to leave with a smile on their face. This was the first of many Christmas Eve Service’s to come at CP.
  • Getting out of one’s element can be a good thing. In case you didn’t know, we’re not a traditional church. We like the lights dim, the music loud & prefer graphic tee’s to a shirt & tie. Although we still kept a unique CP feel to the Christmas Eve Service, the setting alone pushed us a bit but I believe it was good for us to do something slightly out of the ordinary because I believe it helped us grow.
  • Family services are the best! If we let kids of all ages in the service every week at CP, we probably wouldn’t get much accomplished but doing it every now & then is a true joy! Despite the short attention spans, kids just light up a room & make everyone smile. Glad we decided to make the Christmas Eve Service a family experience & our Kidspoint crew made each kid feel a part of everything we did. Mad props.
  • Every-thing is a Learning-thing. I’m so thankful we have a team at CP who believes we can learn from everything we do. The Christmas Eve Service was a complete success & yet I heard almost every person on our team discussing how we could make it better next year. Leaders are learners & we have both at CP!
  • Church on Sunday was a bad idea. Success & failure are both a part of life & leadership. We decided to meet this past Sunday despite the Christmas Eve Service Friday but, in retrospect, we probably won’t do that again 🙂 Instead of pulling our peoples time, energy & resources in different directions, we’ll focus on Christmas Eve & leave it at that. I share that here to say, learn from our mistake.



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