Enhancing Our Perspective

I was recently conversing with a friend who was determined to get me on his side of an issue as I attempted to do the same to him. We presented our sides, argued our reasoning & tried to persuade each other we were right. We had different opinions but as the conversation wore on it became less about proving a point & more about enhancing our unique perspectives & differences.

Many would say this is compromise & a dangerous road to tread on certain issues. To think that would be to miss the point entirely. You see, I didn’t change my mind & neither did my friend. What we did was have a healthy discussion about an issue we had differing perspectives on. By listening to each others perspectives we actually broadened our knowledge & understanding of the issue at hand.

What would the church look like if we approached things from this perspective? What if we were just as willing to listen as we were to be heard & what if we took the heart change out of our hands & placed it back in God’s where it belonged in the first place? Maybe if took this approach we would have more people willing to hear our side of the story which at the very least would broaden their perspective & ours.

Thoughts to Ponder…


3 thoughts on “Enhancing Our Perspective

  1. Tommy says:

    Absolutely! Just because you take the time to listen, doesn’t mean you are giving in. Sometimes the best way to reach somebody is to understand where they are coming from.

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