Let’s just say there wasn’t much of a Thanksgiving hangover at CP on Sunday. We had a record crowd with expecting people which made for a great service as we kicked off our Shine Like Stars Christmas series.

This is going to be a good series. I love Christmas & I love the book of Philippians. Combine the two with a theme called “Shine Like Stars” & a super creative team, & you’ve got something pretty special. This one is going to stretch, challenge & inspire in new & fresh ways.

Life change is for kids too. We take time every week at CP to share a win. Something cool God has done or is doing, in & through the Centerpoint community. Sunday, Matt got to share about a young girl who had recently given her life to Christ. Great reminder on why kids ministry should be much more than a babysitting service.

Loved the set-design! Titling a series Shine Like Stars lends itself to some pretty neat stuff from a creative standpoint & that started on the stage Sunday. We had a star scape below the screen complete with some pretty rad Christmas trees. Probably my favorite set yet. Wish I had a good pic to show you but I don’t so I’ll have to work on it.

A good mix is so important. I believe many churches underestimate the importance of having a good sound guy who knows how to mix a live band. We’ve always been blessed in this area at CP & I realized Sunday just how blessed we really are. You would have had to have been there but wow did it sound great!

I can’t wait for next week! Seriously, I am ready to go right now! True Joy is our topic. Hope you can join us because the recap, just isn’t going to cut it for this one!


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