The 3 things teams get wrong.

A couple of weeks ago at our leadership retreat we were blessed to hear from my friend, and Lead Pastor of Origins Church, Scotty Neal. Scotty spoke to our team about 3 primary things he often sees churches do wrong when it comes to handling different personality types on a  team. His words were golden & whether you’re a pastor, entrepreneur, or just an all around leader, I think you will benefit greatly from what he had to say so I wanted to share.

1) Too much competition. Using Acts 20:24 as a base, Scotty reminded us that everyone on a team has specific gifting & a unique roll to play. Rather than competing with other members on our team for position we should instead be asking God how HE can get the most out of US so that we can help & enhance the team. We are meant to compliment not compete.

2) Too little conflict. “If there’s no chaos, there’s not much productivity.” Those words still echo in my mind. Scotty discussed the importance of having a team that can disagree & listen to constructive criticism without taking it personally. The leader of the leaders should stir the put & make sure an open, honest environment is created where dialogue is ALWAYS welcome. Conflict is what stretches us & allows us to grow as people & as leaders. If we want to grow conflict is inevitable.

3) Too much complacency. Scotty discussed the importance of investing in people vs. impacting people. You can impact from a distance but you can only invest when you get up close & personal. Complacent people, never get up close. We must invest in those on our team & then branch out to invest in others so we can train up more leaders who will follow the same process. Complacency will stale a team & stunt growth & maturity.

Hope these points help you as much as they did me. This session with Scotty reminded me how invaluable it is to have people who are a little farther down the road than you, speak into your life & your team. Much love Scotty.



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