Why We Do Small Groups

Before we ever had our first service at Centerpoint I crafted a core value that I hoped would always remain a focus. That core value was to “grow larger & smaller at the same time.” In a nutshell, it was the desire of myself & our team to make small groups (we call them Conversations) a driving force at Centerpoint. The thought was that as our corporate gathering on Sunday would grow larger, our Conversation groups would also grow but through that growth, the groups themselves would actually be smaller. More groups = Smaller groups. Larger & Smaller.

For a pastor, creating this type of culture means relinquishing control & that scares many of us. We’re afraid people will drop the ball, mess-up or, God forbid, do things differently from us. Think about this though, if we’re in the business of developing leaders, dropping the ball & messing up will ultimately create growth & people who do things differently from us, well, that’s just what leaders do, they lead. At the end of the day we need to ask ourselves what’s more important: Life Change or Control?

At this point, Kristyn & I still have the opportunity to lead one of our groups. We’re 3-weeks in right now & the honesty, love & healing happening has been amazing! People have opened up in ways they NEVER could have during a Sunday morning service. The discussions have been genuine & the relationships are deepening. For us, small groups are where true life change & spiritual growth happens & that’s why we do them.



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