2-weeks in & I’m loving our Rubber Band series! From a topical perspective, I still think the best is yet to come!

Great crowd. When you’re a growing church plant you notice the little things. This was one of those weeks where there really didn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason but the crowd was solid & super engaged. No matter how much we grow I hope we never forget to place value on the little stuff.

Same people. Multiple roles. I’ve always been impressed with the ability of our Leaders & Dream Teamers to wear multiple hats when necessary. They often do it without being asked & that gets me even more jacked up! Sunday, we had people showing up earlier than normal & people, normally in positions other than Guest Services, stepped up to accommodate & make them feel welcomed.

Kidspoint was packed! I took Aubri to class Sunday & I couldn’t believe how many kids were back there! Our KP workers seriously deserve some type of Dream Team bonus. They put in so much work & I couldn’t be more proud of them for loving our kids & pointing them towards Jesus every single week!

Production was top notch. I make no apologies about the fact that production IS part of our weekly experience. Some people just pray, but we choose to pray & plan because excellence rarely happens without preparation. Sunday was one of those weeks where I was just in awe of our production crew, from the excellent mix on the sound, to the seamless transitions. We are blessed to have the artistic & production talent we have at CP.

Marriage stories are fun to tell. I love connecting personal marriage stories to a teaching & it’s even better to tell these stories when my wife is in the audience. I’m convinced I also get more laughs when she’s in there so it ends up being a win-win. I told a marriage story Sunday that got a few good laughs so I thought it was worth including. The end.


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