Time to Retreat

In about 2 hours, Kristyn & I will be headed out to spend tonight & tomorrow at a lake house, with our leaders. We will eat, converse, learn, grow & most importantly, re-focus & re-connect.

Unfortunately, this is a point of leadership development I’m afraid we often miss. In all honesty, this retreat was supossed to happen for us in the summer but it kept getting pushed back. We let our busy schedules trump this component of our team & yet I am almost certain the retreat time, on any team, is one of the most important things we can do to enhance & grow.

It is a necessary part of leadership to get away, retreat, & push the routine aside. I have rarely observed a healthy church or business culture where this isn’t done behind the scenes on a fairly regular basis. I love our leaders & this weekend Kristyn & I get to re-connect & re-focus with them.

Pastors & Leaders: What do you do to re-connect & re-focus with your team? Feel free to leave a comment.


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