Church & Politics – A Short Novel

The church and politics had a “beautiful” marriage once. They held hands, walked down the aisle & stood by each other through thick & thin. Some churches married the left while others married the right & just when it seemed like things couldn’t go any better turmoil began to ensue.

People began to grow frustrated with the rhetoric created by this marriage & grew tired of the bickering over who was right, who was wrong, & who’s vote was more “Christian”. These people started the believe the message of Jesus was much bigger than red states & blue states, Democrats or Republicans. These people began to realize that it was by their life, more than by their vote, they would impart change. It was in this moment, with these people, that this “beautiful” marriage started to end.

Instead of arguing & debating tirelessly with people that probably wouldn’t change their minds, they began to love their neighbor & serve the world around them sharing the message of Jesus instead of  spreading the empty promises of a politician. Instead of talking about what was wrong in society they began to roll up their sleeves & become part of the solution. Instead of simply voting they started doing & more & more people began to realize that the seemingly blissful marriage between the church & politics had come to an end.

The End

It is my prayer that one day, this is what people will say about this generation. A generation that finally understood that the Gospel of Christ could not, should not & would not be contained to a voting booth or political party. I believe this generation will BE the change instead of simply voting for it.

I will vote today, as should you, but I will not place my hope or faith in our political system nor will I marry my church to either party. I will be passionate about the issues but I will be more passionate about Jesus because He’s the answer & the only person from whom true change can come.

Thoughts to Ponder…



3 thoughts on “Church & Politics – A Short Novel

  1. I concur..for too long we have aligned ourselves politically with our religions and just hope that someone else will make the world a better place.. We love to sit around and complain about everything that needs fixed.. I also pray that it will be said of our generation that we didn’t just sit and complain but that we changed the world.. Changed it with our love of Christ and showing the love that he showed us… Great blog sir..

  2. Thanks for your kind words brother.

  3. NFQ says:

    Very well-said. I am an atheist, and I notice that the atheist community is very active in advocating for the separation of church and state — yet religious people don’t generally seem nearly as interested in it. Particularly major faiths in countries where they are the majority of the population. (Jews in the US are pretty serious about it, understandable from history, while Christians are mostly disinterested.)

    It’s tempting to seize any opportunity to get more power, which is why I assume Christians in the US tend not to think in terms of church-state separation but rather in terms of religious tests for political office, mandatory prayer in schools, and more and more government endorsements of their faith as prominently as possible. You get right at the idea they are missing — separation of church and state isn’t just good for politics and government, it’s good for religion too! When politicians and religious leaders work so closely all the time, they end up beholden to each other’s needs and wants — which means religion gets used as a tool of politics, not only the other way around. I would think religious people would object to that!

    Anyway, this has been a long-winded way of saying — thanks for writing this post!

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