Kicked-off a brand new series yesterday (Rubber Bands) & Kristyn & I got an awesome surprise. Check it.

Best surprise EVER! Turns out, we’ve got a pretty sneaky group of people at CP. Led by Matt Kysor, and in honor of Pastor’s Appreciation month, our people hooked Kristyn & I up with hand written notes & cards thanking us for what we do at CP. We were blessed beyond words & I’ve included a pic of the ambush/surprise courtesy of Megan Stewart below.

Relationship series might be my favorite. Maybe it’s because it’s something we can all relate to. Maybe it’s because it’s just fun to talk about. Maybe it’s because I make people laugh a lot by talking about my own relational screw-ups or maybe it’s because, healthy relationships will almost always equate to a healthy church. Either way, this series is going to be a good one.

Kids are awesome. We finished off our Dream Team push yesterday by featuring Kidspoint & man did we save the best for last! A bunch of the kids were part of the announcement & it was total chaotic fun! Kids almost always make people smile & yesterday was no exception. I love our Kidspoint crew & they definitely deserve some more gold on their heavenly palace 🙂

Mad props to our production team! They already had a lot on their agenda yesterday & they had to strategize & work in the surprise for Kristyn & I in the midst of numerous scheduling tweaks & adjustments. As usual, they pulled it off without a hitch. We take these guys for granted way too much but their attention to detail & quick thinking makes everyone at CP look better.

The response tell the story. Every week we give people the opportunity to respond in some way to what they’ve experienced that morning. Yesterday we had a lot of people confess their struggle in dealing with difficult people in their life in a Christ like way. To me, this signifies a group of people who realize we haven’t yet arrived & will continue to pursue a life that looks more like Jesus. It is my prayer, that we never arrive because in that moment, we will stop growing.


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