The “SO WHAT” Test

This past weekend someone shared a test with me they use to evaluate a church service on a weekly basis. They called it the “so what” test. Simply put, after a service, when they’re in their car on the way home they ask themselves “so what did I learn today that will cause me to live or think differently this week?”

I have two primary thoughts on this: A) I wish more people did this. B) I wish more churches/pastors evaluated their services in these terms. Jesus was practical yet deep. He knew how to communicate hard issues in relatable, life applicational terms. In doing so, the hope was that those who heard His message would change as a result of it. Listen, Learn, Change.

As a pastor, I should care if my weekly sermons & teachings can pass the “so what” test. If they can’t, I have a major problem because I would be failing to communicate the gospel in relevant, life applicational terms. If that’s not happening, life change isn’t likely to happen either & that’s the whole reason we’re doing what we’re doing anyway.

Many people believe in God but most fail to understand why He matters in their life. If we can become more intentional about passing the “so what” test in our churches, not as many people would be wondering why God matters to them.

If your a pastor, teacher or leader what do you think of this? Is it important for you to pass the “so what” test?


One thought on “The “SO WHAT” Test

  1. Hey man, I know I am not a leader, but , as I am in a position of support of your outreach co-ordinator, I would like to respond.

    I have not been to the theatre for a few months. but , I do catch the podcasts. I just listened to ” unending grace” (on monday I think). anyway, I was reminded of how I have built up walls in my life, and i need to start taking them down brick, by brick. That sermon passed the “so what?” test for me atleast.

    so I think it might be a good Idea to have a “so what” test on sundays. I think it will help people to think harder on your message, and may lead them to ask questions of you or of themselves to evaluate what they have learned.

    now that summer is gone and its cooler out, I’m gonna try to come to the theatre more often on sun. mornings. but rest assured I listen to the podcasts, I always come away with a bit more knowlege than I had before I listened to your sermon. thanks for making the podcasts free : )

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