We closed out the STORY series Sunday at CP. Here are some thoughts.

I love the way we do communion at CP! We’re still at the size where I can serve each person who wants to participate & I love doing that. It will likely be one of the “traditions” I will cling to the longest. There’s something special about the connection that exists between a pastor & his community during that moment.

Plugged or Un-Plugged, Josh Strange can lead a great set of worship. I believe a good worship leader knows how to lead regardless of the situation, circumstance or people around him. If it sounds like I’m bragging on our worship leader it’s because I am. Josh knows how to lead no matter what & I’m proud to have him as a driving force on this team!

Every Sunday WILL be different. No matter how much you plan & how many systems are in place, behind the scene, things will ineveitabley be a bit different each & every week. This can be a benefit when you have a great team that knows how to pull stuff together & create a great experience every weekend! That’s the kind of team we have at CP.

First touches matter. We have new people almost every weekend at CP & I’ve come to realize how important that first touch is. It’s our goal that NO ONE ever leaves CP without being personally acknowledged, greeted & recognized. If we say we care, we have to show it.

I liked my prop a lot this week. We talked about fear & the end of the world so I brought in Aubri’s bed which to her, is the end of the world 🙂 It probably wasn’t really the coolest prop I’ve ever used but it felt like it on Sunday & I think it got the point across well.



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