I had the privilege of being an observer this week as Matt Kysor did the teaching. My perspective is ALWAYS different as an observer so here’s a look from a different perspective.

Centerpoint is blessed to have the Kysors as their Executive Pastors. Matt & his wife Amber were on board when CP was still just an idea. They have walked through the valleys & the mountains & have stayed faithful every step of the way.

I hope we’re always our own worst critics. We had some technical glitches & transition issues on Sunday. They were things the majority of people probably didn’t even notice but everyone involved in those areas stepped up, admitted the error & discussed with others on their respective teams how to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. This is the spirit of excellence we’ve created on our team(S) & I love it!

Celebrating the wins is incredibly important. Good things are happening at CP every week but if we don’t share them, no one but a few people would know it. This week, I got to hear the sharing instead of doing the sharing & that was an awesome experience! It reinforced how important this part of our weekly gathering really is.

Aubri missed Kidspoint. Aubri was sick this week so she had to miss Kidspoint & she did not like that. It speaks volumes to me that my 2-year old missed not being at church. To all our Dream Teamers who put their time in through serving in KP, let me just say, it’s worth it!

Laughing at church is ok. It never ceases to amaze me how long it sometimes takes newbies at CP to realize that it’s ok to have a good time & laugh at church. The awkward laughter from people who have never really laughed in a good way at church before is always amusing to me. Over time, people begin to realize they can actually have fun at church 🙂


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