Dating Your Spouse

This is a picture of Kristyn & I from the Reds game this past Sunday night. Monday was her birthday & although the game wasn’t part of her present (I’m not that lame:), the surprise overnight trip that followed was. I hesitate to write a post like this over concern some will read it & think I’ve got this whole marriage thing figured out – I DON’T! I’ve only been married for 5-years but in that 5-years, I have always done one thing pretty well. I’ve never stopped dating my wife.

The overnight trips don’t happen as much as I’d like but a date is not defined by the elaborate setting anyway. Men like to complicate the process thinking it has to be something crazy every time but, if you ask your wife, I bet she’ll tell you that’s not the case. A date can be as simple as getting away for a couple hours over coffee & dessert just to talk. A date is about pursuing the person we’re in love with & reconnecting with them in an authentic way. A date is a way to make sure your spouse knows they’re the most important person on your calendar.

Having a happy marriage makes you a better husband, father, leader, & friend & dating your spouse is a great step towards having, or maintaining, a happy marriage . Simply put, when you date your spouse, life is better for you & everyone around you. The weekend is almost upon us so I challenge you to be intentional in the coming weeks & months about dating your spouse. Stop making excuses & make it happen! It will be worth the effort.


If you’ve got thoughts on this, I’d love for you to leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Dating Your Spouse

  1. Eva says:

    Yep, he is right…wives don’t expect a perfect date – when a husband plans a date it is enough to make a woman feel the love! Go for it men!

  2. Having been married for nearly 32 years (next month) we can testify that being intentional in dating your spouse pays off in the long run. We have had a weekly date night for most of our married life. We have seen the benefits when things are great, as well as when we are struggling. Dating keeps the lines of communication open, at least it should. A date isn’t going to movie – although it can be from time to time. A date is about connecting to your spouse on a level where intimacy deepens.
    We started a blog – The Romantic Vineyard – in the hopes of helping other marriages grow and prosper as they seek their spouses highest good! We provide date night ideas with separate pages for Wives Only and Husbands Only.
    This is a great post, Chris! Thanks for sharing!

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