Yo Leaders – LEAD!

In his book TRIBES, marketing guru Seth Godin talks about the idea that life is full of people looking for tribes; something they can belong to and connect with. In short, Godin suggests that the reason people stick with a tribe is largely due to the tribe having a leader that is worth following. Someone who won’t let themselves, or the people around them, stay the same.

I wonder if this is one of our biggest problems with church? Maybe the reason the seats aren’t full is because we have a lot of people looking for a tribe without many leaders who are truly worth following.

Leadership requires setting a standard & some people aren’t comfortable with that. They think people will judge them. They think people will talk behind their back. They think people will question their decisions . Guess what? That’s all true but leaders don’t care because leaders are there to lead not win a popularity contest.

If you’re truly a leader these things will start to bother you less and less as you grow into your role. You’ll learn who to let speak into your life & who to block out. Instead of judging people who set the higher standard, you’ll be the one doing the setting & when people talk behind your back, you’ll realize it’s most often because you’re doing something they admire rather than something they hate.

Leaders lead people & I am hopeful that the church can train & equip more leaders who will set the standard high & lead their respective tribes to great heights.



3 thoughts on “Yo Leaders – LEAD!

  1. Jordan Brown says:

    This is so well written, dude. I needed to hear that. A great post and even more awesome timing! God is SO good.

  2. Yep, this is very true. One interesting thing that I’ve noticed over the years, leading in various capacities (and there haven’t been all that many years, so it must be a pretty obvious point), but it’s that 90% of talking behind the leader’s back that they should be concerned with comes when they care what people are saying.

    Granted, you’ll always have people who have an ax to grind and make stuff up, but those aren’t the people to worry about. They tend to expose their agendas pretty quick and most people don’t pay any attention to them. But, when you have committed people who are there to grow and who are willing to overlook any mistakes (other than character flaws or morality issues), then if those people start talking that’s when the leader needs to pay attention. But, those people only tend to start talking when the leader doesn’t have the guts to lead, and that indecisiveness hinders the growth of those who follow.

  3. Perry Noble once said to his leaders that they could question EVERYTHING in private but should support EVERYTHING publicly. Essentially, he was suggesting that a true environment of trust can & should be created among a team where there is no need for backbiting because there’s so much mutual respect & trust among team members that they would never think of talking behind each others backs & doing anything expect publicly support the ministry or organization they believe in. I think this is the environment we should all strive for as leaders.


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