Sorry this one’s late folks. I spent the day in Cincinnati yesterday living it up & celebrating my wife’s birthday. Good times & now for my thoughts on the events at CP this past weekend.

People that WANT to change, make a pastors  job easier. I continue to grow increasingly convinced that the majority of people at CP genuinely want to pursue & experience change in their life. I’ve said all along that I’d do more with 50 people who want to change than 500 people who simply want to fill a seat & I still believe this with all my heart.

First impressions matter. Did you know that most people decide within the first 10min whether or not they will return to a church? Interesting to note that, within that 10min, most people won’t have heard the band, the teaching or even made it in the auditorium yet. When people wan’t to know why we put so much emphasis on our lobby & cafe area at CP, this is why.

Creativity usually requires a go for broke approach. If there’s one thing I’ve learned when it comes to creative ideas, it’s that you can NEVER do them half way & expect to succeed. I say this based on the numerous creative message illustrations we’ve tried at CP. Usually, they  will either will fail or succeed but it will almost always fail if you only go half in. Sunday we had something we went for broke on & based on the feedback, I think it can go in the win column.

Relationships are deepening. Over the summer, and early part of the fall, I’ve seen a lot of people at CP move from having surface level relationships to establishing authentic connections. I can’t help but think this will only be strengthened with our Conversation groups now under way & that is a good place for any church to be.

We’ve had quality transfer growth. No church likes to brag about having people who left another church to come to theirs but I’ve realized there’s a big difference in people who leave a church out of anger and resentment & those who leave a church because they want to get connected & serve. Thankfully, almost all the transfer growth we have had falls into the second category & I could not be more thankful for that.


2 thoughts on “SUNDAY RECAP

  1. matthafer says:

    I love this, I do have a question though,
    We also get alot of the end category of transfer growth, but my question is, isn’t that basically the same thing as the 1st? I ask because I struggle with it daily.

  2. Personally Matt, I do think there’s a big difference.

    I know we’ve both experienced people who are angry & bitter and for me, I often find that it’s actually their attitude that needs an adjustment before anything will truly change. Ultimately, it’s them, not the church.

    The second category I’m referring to is more for people who aren’t leaving out of bitterness or anger but rather because they want a place they can better connect and serve or, in some cases, a place they are more comfortable inviting their un-churched friends to. This goes back to the idea of “diverse churches for a diverse world.”

    I think we both agree the church should be more about what we can DO for people rather than what we can GET. My experience has been that the first group of people tend to be more ME focused while the the second group of people seem to have a much healthier focus on the role of the local church & desire to play a role in seeing that role fulfilled.

    To me, that’s the difference.

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