• We’ve got some incredible people at CP. It’s an incredible experience to pastor a church where the majority of people want to be challenged, want to serve and want to connect & grow with others. We’ve got people at Centerpoint who are doing big things & it’s so humbling to be a part of it.
  • Kidspoint is jamming! Ever since adding a pre-school room 3-weeks ago, Kidspoint continues to stay packed! It’s awesome to be in the hallway after service & watch kids leave KP jacked, telling their parents all about it.
  • Can’t wait for Conversation groups to start! We’ve spent the last couple weeks promoting our fall set of Conversation groups & I can’t wait for them to kick off next week! This is where people learn to do life together and move from simple religion to meaningful relationship.
  • We had a bunch of returning faces. Ideally, all first time guests would return the following week but obviously, life is not always ideal and this doesn’t always happen. This past week however, the majority of first timers from the week before were back & some of them even brought new faces with them. Always good to see.
  • Loved the media addition in the lobby & cafe. Thanks to our Creative & Arts Coordinators, we added a countdown monitor in the cafe this week allowing everyone to see the same stuff out there that they’d see if they were in the auditorium. It seemed to work really well & it added a great vibe!

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